Art director, Film director, content creator, visualizer, Media strategist, futurist, AI-Whisperer, copywriter, consultant and inspirator.

I’m Stijn Groenemeijer, MediaGROE BV. My adventure in the creative world began at HKU Art School, leading me to establish Hectic Illusions (1995-2002) and eventually MediaGROE BV. With a rich history in music and entertainment, I’ve collaborated with renowned artists and major brands, bringing vibrant ideas to life across the globe. I specialised in transforming concepts into reality, offering tailored consultancy in entertainment, blending expertise in branding, marketing, and strategy. I’m your go-to partner for comprehensive digital media solutions, merging creativity with over two decades of industry insight.

Reach out to learn more at info@mediagroe.nl.

And, by the way, let’s not forget about the entrepreneurial ventures that have sprung from my drive and passion. I’ve brought to life diverse brands and businesses, such as Skills or Skulls, a skateboard brand, Mokum Made, a streetwear brand, Grande Collector, an online store for antiques and collectibles, and Noisepad, an innovative mobile drum computer app. Furthermore, I am a fervent art collector with an collection that ranges from timeless 17th-century masterpieces to modern art from well-known street and pop-art creatives.